Quality Equestrian Connections is pleased to offer you the following 

    Quality Dressage Horses For Sale   

                    Partial List - Please call for more information on these and other horses not listed                                       

FOR SALE: Gaucho Wildfire: 3rd Level, 7Yr., Dutch, 16.1Hd., Black Gelding

GAUCHO is a Stunningly Beautiful, Imported 7Yr., Dutch, 16.1Hd., Black, Gelding.  Super type with three quality gaits.  Amazing to ride and sit, a real worker and loves his job.  Super talent, has been shown thru 3rd Level with  scores upto 70%. A JR, YR, or AA dream horse.  Loads of ring presence.  Safe and very sweet character in your pocket type.  Uncomplicated to ride with great changes and super lateral.  Forward and good sensitive to ride and very comfortable to sit.  If your seriously looking for your next competition partner and a horse that is a future FEI prospect.  You owe it to yourself to come and see Gaucho. Will be in Wellington FL 2nd week of December.

FOR SALE: PSG, 16.2Hd. Bay, Gelding

Beautiful, 14Yr., Westphalin x Florestan, 16.2Hd., Bay, Gelding.  Super sweet character, easy and uncomplicated to ride and very comfortable to sit.  Auto changes to the 2's.  Playing with one tempis has done upto 10.  Plays with P&P not confirmed.  Very very SAFE.  A super type for an AA rider to learn and show.  Lots of shows through the small tour upto 68%.  

FOR SALE: Intermediare I Gorgeous Mare

Beautiful, 12Yr., Black, 16.3Hd., Mare shown thru Int. 1

Wonderful to ride and sit. Extremely comfortable to sit and very uncomplicated.

Goes nicely in the snaffle, loads, hacks, clips and very SAFE.

Loads of presence in the ring, the judges love her.  An AA or JR dream horse!  If your want a competitive PSG/Int. 1 and want to get your Silver Medal you have to see her.

Won at Lamplight at Int. 1 with scores of 70%!!!!!                    

FOR SALE: Beautiful, Imported, Oldenburg, 16.2Hd., Gelding

Beautiful, imported, Oldenburg, 16.2Hd., Gelding.  Exceptional to ride.  Schooling all for Intermediare I.  Super auto changes to the 2's.  Floats in all lateral work.  Three quality gaits and is a real worker.  Loves his job and always ready to please.  SAFE, not spooky, easy and uncomplicated and extremely competitive.  With scores in the mid 70's in PSG.  Shows and hacks on the buckle in the snaffle, loads, and clips.  Stands in the trailer at shows.  Loves attention, super sweet character and loves attention.  Easy to work with and great in the barn and same at shows.  A really one of a kind dream horse and a special horse for a JR., AA., and be competitive in the show ring. This is a must see for anyone looking to get their medals.  Schooling P&P.

FOR SALE: 4th Level, Beautiful Gelding

Beautiful, Imported 8 Yr., 16.1Hd., Bay, Gelding.  Goes super in the snaffle.  Super comfortable to ride and sit.  Extremely SAFE, no spook or tension, loads, hacks on the buckle, and clips.  Very sweet personality and character.  Easy changes to the 2's.  Learn your changes.  Lots of presence in the ring.  Fantastic AA ladies horse.  Relax on the trail alone or with others and on the days you want to work on your position and work on dressage he is ready to go to work.  Schooling 4th and PSG.  Shown in Europe through M Level.  He is a very special horse!

FOR SALE: 4th Level - Imported, 10Yr., Dutch, 16Hd., Bay, Gelding

Beautiful, Imported, 4th Level,  Gelding x UB40 and Weltmeyer.  Really fun, forward, and lots of go but very good sensitive and light in the snaffle.  Three very good gaits, loads of presence in the ring.  Very comfortable to ride and sit in trot and canter.  Goes nicely from the leg.  Extremely safe, not spooky, focused on his job.  Shows talent for collection and for FEI ring.  Super lateral and extensions.  Canter is dream to sit.  Hacks on the buckle.  An AA or JR. dream horse.  Get noticed in the ring with this talented horse.   Shown thru 3rd Level.

Future GP Prospect, schooling all  PSG.

Super character and temperament

Lovely to ride, a horse you have to sit on during your next trip to FL.

FOR SALE: PSG - 10Yr., Dutch, 16.3Hd., Black, Gelding


Gorgeous and sweet PSG WB for sale. Unbelievable to ride and sit. Extremely comfortable in all quality gaits.  Ride comfortably and light in the snaffle.  In your pocket type and loves attention.  Super SAFE, hack on the buckle.  Super prospect for AA, JR., or YR.  A must see during your horse shopping trip to Florida for your next PSG horse and Silver Medal.  Contact me for more information on this Black Beauty.  

FOR SALE: 8Yr., Hanoverian, 16Hd., Bay, Mare - 1st Level

Lovely, Safe, Uncomplicated, 1st Level, Mare prospect for JR or AA rider.  Hack, Loads, Clips and walk on the buckle and enjoy this sweet and fun to ride mare.  She is schooling 1st and 2nd level and will be ready for changes soon.  If your looking for a WB that is very affordable, has quality and fun to work with and learns fast call for an appointment or more information. 


FOR SALE: 9Yr., Black, Dutch WB, 17Hd., Gelding

  Gorgeous, Dutch Warmblood, 9Yr., Black, 17Hd Gelding
 Sire: UB-40 - Dam: Signorita
  "Pip" is a beautiful, super sweet horse with a great character.    Loves  attention and in your pocket type personality.  He is forward and good  sensitive. Moves nicely from the leg with three good gaits.  Easy lateral  work and doing all for 3rd level with beautiful expressive changes.    Easy, light, and soft in the snaffle.  Pip will excel in dressage with continued  dressage training and is a super prospect for AA,  JR, or professional.  This horse can easily advance upto the FEI levels.   Really fun to ride everyday.

He  loves a good gallop in  the field.  Great ground manners and very good  in the barn and in the stall.  Loves his grooming time.  He lunges  beautifully but you can miss  days of riding and get right on.  Safe, hacks, loads, and clips.  This is a diamond in the rough for a  professional to scoop up and continue  his training or an AA with a  trainer or enjoy and love as is.